As much as you can be tempted by the idea to slow down and relax a bit while your baby is sleeping, you start to feel almost guilty for not utilising the couple of hours your attention is not focused on your little fellow. We are all familiar with how hard it is to maintain a clean home while having a baby and being a stay-at-home mom (or dad). We also know how rare it is to have a couple of hours in a row for paying attention to anything else besides your little one. The moments of your baby sleeping are really precious and you are really enthusiastic about taking care of all the piles of chores, duties and responsibilities that have accumulated during the day. In addition, having a baby means that you have the responsibility to maintain an extra clean, well-sanitised, safe and healthy home. Still, you are not able to take care of anything that needs to be done, because your baby needs silence and piece to rest. Because of that, today we are sharing with you 8 cleaning ideas in order to utilise successfully the time while your little fellow is taking a nap!

  • Pay your bills or take care of all the neglected papers that need to be done. Made yourself a big cup of coffee and make the most of the nap time by settling some invoices.
  • Make a to-do list in order to organise your everyday life and all tasks and duties better. A to-do list is a real life-saver for busy people because it often helps them stay focused on the important priorities. Of course, a life with a baby or toddler is a life full of unexpected and unplanned moments, but try to plan anything around that.
  • Folding laundry is one of the quietest things you can do while your little one is taking a nap. In addition, this one allows multitasking, because you can listen to an audiobook or even learning a foreign language while doing it.
  • De-cluttering is good not only for organising your life but also for organising your thoughts and making life feel easier and simpler. In addition, the fewer items and things you possess the less you have to look after and take care of. Get rid of everything that you don’t need and don’t use at all!
  • Wiping down the bathroom is a great thing to use your free time for. Let’s be real, bathrooms require daily care and every minute you spend on cleaning yours is making a big difference.
  • You are planning to clean up your photo storage, but there isn’t enough time? This is the perfect moment for you hopping on this wagon and start going through your pictures. The same goes for digital images and de-cluttering your computer. Get rid of any picture you don’t like and you don’t have a sentimental attachment to.
  • Take the time to have a look at your inbox and reply to all those emails, invitations and messages you usually don’t have time for. Catch up on latest news.
  • Take the time to clear your mind. Do we need to explain why you need to do that?