We are glad that people recognise us as professional and reliable cleaning specialists and true experts and they often come to us asking different kinds of questions on the cleaning topic. Some of them want to know how to make their cleaning routine easier and faster and we are always here to give advice and recommendations. Other people are interested in more specific questions and request information on certain topics. Today we have gathered for you all the frequently asked questions we receive and the best tips and tricks we can recommend to you. Stay tuned for more information and ideas.

How to refresh my fridge?

Most fridges are pretty easy to clean, however, even with fridge care you can be smarter and follow some recommendations that will make the process quicker and easier. Approximately, fridge cleaning on a monthly basis is recommended, just when your fridge is almost empty right before a big food shopping. To start, pull out all the movable shelves and drawers and wash them in the sink, that way it is easier. For perfect results, clean the interior of the fridge with bicarb and white vinegar. Both substances will remove all the dirt and smell accumulated. To finish everything, wipe down the fridge exterior.

How to maintain a kitchen?

With the holiday season just around the corner, we are sure that many of you will travel to visit friends and family, or for a little weekend getaway. However, all the excitement before travelling often make us forget to clean the kitchen before leaving and that way you give the chance bacteria and germs to accumulate and cause not only unpleasant but an unhealthy environment. Before hopping in the car or plane, always make sure to wash the dishes and give the countertops and all surfaces a good scrub. Use a special product that is not abrasive to scratch the surfaces, but it is effective enough. If there are any stubborn stains, make sure to let them soak into the cleaning substance for a few hours and then remove easily. Don’t leave any corner neglected, don’t forget to empty the trash bin and give it a quick wash out, don’t forget to open the fridge and throw away expiring food.

How to clean the shower easily?

Clean the shower right after you have used it. The hot steam loosens all the dirt and bacteria and this way you can remove it easily. Make sure to let the shower soak a couple of hours in a special product for a deep sanitising.

How to remove greasy stains easily?

You don’t need special and expensive products to remove stubborn greasy and burnt-out food stains from your kitchen countertops, surfaces and dishes. Salt, for example, works as a very fine, yet very effective abrasive product. Washing and baking soda are great for removing the greasy from stainless steel, for example, and they leave it extremely shiny and clean.

Is there one ultimate product to use for a sparkling clean house?

In general, multi-purpose cleaning products are not even half good at what they promise. However, we can recommend you to use white vinegar for great results in many aspects, like for example window and glass surfaces cleaning, chrome bath fitting, kitchen appliances, doorknobs, mirrors.

Do you have more questions on different topics like house cleaning, upholstery, after builders cleaning and more? Then feel free to address them to us and we will include your questions in our next Q and A article.