When was the last time you have cleaned your kitchen to perfection? We are not talking simply about (as if it is a simple job, really) dusting the tops of your kitchen cabinets, or de-greasing the microwave, but for even more thorough and intensive cleaning. Yes, we knew it, you are definitely not up to that much kitchen cleaning, not now, not at this moment! Who needs that much negativity in their life! Well, thorough kitchen cleaning, equally to thorough house cleaning, upholstery, carpet cleaning and more, is not simply very important and a true necessity that have to be done, no matter what. The main reason? Well, any kitchen and everything inside can be a real hot spot for germs and bacteria. For really dangerous germs and bacteria that can put not only your comfort but your health at risk. So, you definitely want to deal with and destroy all those dangerous germs around the kitchen, so here is where to look for them and what to focus on:


You use the blender for preparing so many things like purees, smoothies and so on (well, this is not a food blog and as you can see we are not the best at understanding food, but we love to eat it, but this is a topic for yet another article), but all the food leaves a lot of germs behind and your mission today is to destroy them. Considering how many places your blender has, where germs can hide, cleaning it to perfection any time after using it, or even once in a while, has to be one of your priorities, when it comes to kitchen cleaning. Paying attention to corners and nooks like underneath the rubber seal, in the blades, the crevices where the lid rests and so on is a good start! A common mistake people make is washing the blender only with hot water, but this is really not enough. The right way is disassembling the blender every time after using it and washing each part separately and thoroughly, then allow each part to dry completely.

Can Opener

Yes, germs can hide even in your can opener, although you do not suspect finding them there. Whether manual or electric, the can opener is a great place for germs and bacteria to create their family nest and live happily, especially on the magnet, blades, handle and… practically anywhere else. Just like many other things, places, where you touch, begin to harbour bacteria, so next time clean the can opener and do not forget to wipe off the cans before opening them too.

Cutting boards

One of the most obvious places in the kitchen, where bacteria and germs can live, but we often forget about the cutting board and cleaning is thorough. Absolute germ heaven, cutting boards have to be washed and dried thoroughly after every use. If your cutting board is dishwasher safe, then do not hesitate to toss it in there regularly. Another helpful advice is using different cutting boards for meat, vegetables, fish and so on.

Ice bins

Although most of the people fail to consider ice bins like a place, where germs and bacteria can hide, they are one of those places that need regular care and a good clean. You should clean the ice bins at least once every month because germs can survive for a long, long time in these freezing conditions! How to clean the ice bins? Simply turn the icemaker off, empty the bin, wash it with hot, soapy water and let it dry completely before placing it back, that is all really!

Stay tuned for part two of the series, when we are going to share five more places, where germs and bacteria can hide in your kitchen.