Today we are continuing with our series that are dedicated to all those of you, who are seeking extra clean, safe and healthy kitchen areas, no matter if it comes to your own house or the kitchen area in your office. That is right, the kitchen is big and germs and bacteria can lurk from practically any corner, even those corners that you will be left surprised with. In order to enjoy not only beautiful-looking and fresh-smelling kitchen, but also a healthier and safer life, we are sharing all the top spots, where germs and bacteria can hide and lead a settled and good life, while you are wondering why the kitchen smells funny and what is wrong with the food you prepare that it makes your tummy hurt every now and then! Here is what to focus on (do not forget to take a look at part one of the series for even more job that has to be done, we know that you are a Bizzy bee enjoying all the chores we are helping you remember about, right!)

Meat Compartment

This one is definitely not a shocker! The meat compartment of your freezer is a real bacteria heaven and honestly one of the most dangerous places. One of the most popular sorts of food poisoning you can get from tainted or uncooked meat. Bacteria is building up on the bottom of the meat drawer of your freezer almost all the time and a regular clean is mandatory. In fact, dark, damp and cold environments are like all the bacteria around your kitchen going on the best vacation in their lives, so here is what to do in order to make their life not that pleasant – remove your meat compartment at least once every month and wash it thoroughly with hot, soapy water, then let it dry completely before placing it back.

Refrigerator seals

At this point you are maybe planning to get rid of your fridge and freezer forever, but maintaining them clean and in good and healthy condition is really not that hard at all! However, if you are not regular in your routine, your refrigerator and freezer seals will quickly and easily breed bacteria and mould, because moisture gets trapped between them and makes them the perfect place for germs, dirt and bacteria. Do not forget to gently scour between the seal’s folds with hot, soapy water every now and then.


Ah, I classic one we love! Your kitchen sponges are one of the most popular places for bacteria, germs, mould and dirt and if you are washing your dishes and wiping down around the kitchen with an old and dirty sponge, then you are automatically transferring all the bacteria and germs onto other surfaces. Toss your sponge into the dishwasher anytime you use it so you can sanitise it properly.

Vegetable compartment

Remember your refrigerator? We haven’t mentioned it for the last five lines! Well, one more places you have to focus on if you want to be the complete germ destroyer is the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. The potential for bugs and bacteria-laden water is, for sure, going to make you wash the vegetable compartment to perfection next time. Once a month remove the compartment along with the meat drawer and wash thoroughly.

Water dispenser

At this point you most probably have got rid of your freezer and refrigerator. Congratulations if you still have one, because we have one last task for you – clean the water dispenser. The moist environment is like a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house near the beach for bacteria and germs, because of that at least once a year you have to disassemble the water dispenser (if you do not know how simply check the manufacturer’s instructions) and clean any part separately. You can also use a clean toothbrush, soak it in white vinegar and scrub the spout and opening around it.