We are all excited for the upcoming summer. It is not a secret that summer is the favourite season of many of us and even if this season is not your number one, there is always something pleasant to find in the warm weather, long holidays, long days spent outside, fresh air and an overall feeling-good-mood. Summer makes people happy, it makes them free and cheerful.

In addition, the beginning of summer is often the time right after the seasonal, spring one-off cleaning procedure. Oh, house cleaning, we know that this is a mood killer for you, but a thorough cleaning is already behind you and the only thing you have to do is enjoying the results… or not? Well, be honest, have you forget about the whole spring cleaning thing? Or maybe you prefer to avoid all the hassle? In this case, we have 3 very simple and effective ideas for how to prepare your home directly for the summer season! Not elbow grease required at all, we promise!

As you get your home ready for summer – think light and cool! As temperature rises and weather gets warmer and warmer we want to get rid of all the layers we wear. The same thing can be said for your house too – “unlayering” your home is the best thing you can do get it prepared for the summer days. Roll winter right out the door by using these three simple ideas:

The excess

Decluttering your home is a routine you have to consider at the beginning of every new season, or at least twice every year. Clutter is something common for anyone because human beings are not extreme minimalists by nature. However, clutter is not only making your home look untidy and claustrophobic at some point but the same goes in your head – decluttered thoughts and ideas that only reduce your productivity and make you worry too much. In fact, decluttering your house will help you unload the stress too, so what better than getting rid of everything useless you simply just don’t need anymore? If you are way too sentimental with your staff, then instead of tossing them in a garbage bag, you can collect them in storage boxes and place them somewhere far from the eyes until next time you need these things, or you want them out. A simple change that makes a big difference.

Lighten up

Something simple that will make a big difference too are slight changes in your interior. Here we talk about the details. Make sure to add a pop of colour here and there with a bit of decoration and so. Reduce the dark colours as much as possible and replace them with colours that set you in the summer mood. If you are on a budget, then you can try some DIY projects for decorating your home for summer. A vase or two with fresh flowers will do the trick too.

Wash away the winter

Say a proper goodbye to winder by giving your house a good clean. Nothing really that thorough, simply wash the windows to enjoy the light, pull back the curtains to soak in the sun.