The good news is that not every single cleaning of your home has to be a thorough and deep one. Of course, thorough cleaning is a necessity every now and then, but your home will be just as good with the help of daily freshen up. It is called maintenance and it works wonders, when it is regular.

After all, your home is that private place, where you can escape from demands of the outside world and here, at your home, exist only your demands and needs. Your home has to be as clean, comfy and organised as you demand it and we are sure of sparkling cleanliness and perfect organisation is not always your demand, because… well, because we all need our time to relax and feel not guilty for not dusting around for two days, right?

Keeping your home clean and fresh makes it feel more welcoming at the end of the working day and make you feel great and cosy, and you have to do only things that make you feel great and happy. With the help of a few quick and easy tips we will help you keep your home enough clean and tidy for you to feel great spending your time inside.

Quick and easy tips

Everything is easier to be done when all the tools and products required are right are your fingertips. Every experts and enthusiast will tell you that the greatest advice for effective house cleaning schedule and strategy (the same is completely adequate for any office cleaning routine too) is gathering all your tools in a caddy, basket, container or whatever it is comfortable for you and having an easy access to all of them. Place everything you need to clean the entire house in a basket you can easily take with you from one room to another and then put in the under the sink cabinet when you are done doing the chores. Or place cleaning-wipe dispensers and microfiber cloths in all places where dust, dirt and grime tend to accumulate.

Between-cleaning strategies

As we have already mentioned – it is not always deep and thorough cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain your home between the main cleaning days. For example, take your time to wipe away condensations after you shower to prevent mould growing, sweep and vacuum your floors daily and adopt a clean-as-you-go approach to the kitchen to free time down the road.

Banish the clutter

There are many de-cluttering tips and tricks around that people like to follow and this is great because getting rid of everything you don’t need in your life will make it much easier and your house cleaning routine significantly faster. However, people tend to then quickly start collecting items they don’t need and quickly forget about how good they felt after the de-cluttering process. This is something you have to learn to avoid and keep reminding yourself how much of your time you waste to move things around, things you really don’t need and don’t make you happy.