When it comes to time-consuming household duties and chores, all those places around the house that are hard to reach are often on the top of all household duties that consume way too much time and energy. Because of that we often prefer to neglect them and leave them forgotten in dust and dirt for a long time. Dusting ceiling fans, scrubbing behind the toilets, getting rid of the dust and dirt accumulated behind the refrigerator and stove, all those tasks are not only hard to accomplish, but they can also lead to some serious injuries like falls, sprains, etc. Neglecting areas that are hard to reach can be a tempting idea, however, you know that maintaining a sparkling clean and sanitised home is a necessity you cannot escape from. And there is no point to escape from because even things like reaching hard to reach areas and cleaning them effectively are completely possible with a bit of professional help! You don’t need to hire a professional house cleaning or office maintenance service, you simply need a few time-proven tips and tricks that are easy to follow! Here is what we can share with you!

  • Choose your tools wisely, because some tools are more effective for hard-to-reach places around the house and will make the whole cleaning process significantly easier. You don’t have to invest in expensive tools and equipment, you just have to be creative and work with what you have and what can be found in any household. A cheap duster with an extendable handle would do the job as good as a fancy new vacuum with a dozen of attachments. Be sure to have a stack of microfiber cloths, because these are always very useful and they are great at picking even the smallest dust particles.
  • Have you ever tried removing dust with a painter brush? This is a great idea to try since paint brushes are great for getting rid of dust from hard-to-reach places like behind kitchen appliances. Brushes, including makeup ones, are great for a detailed dusting of smaller and finer items like for example cleaning chandeliers.
  • You can easily clean ceiling fans with a special attachment that is designed to fit around the blades. If you don’t want to spend additional money on that, you can use an old pillowcase instead.
  • Dirt and dust buildups can also be found on the cabinet tops. Dirt on the cabinet tops forms a sticky substance that is very hard to get rid of. In order to give it a good and effectively clean you can use a dish soap that destroys grease and dirt to lift grime.
  • Cleaning the toilet, hands down is one of the most unpleasant tasks you have to deal with around the house. It gets even worse if you neglect that for too long. Regularly wiping the toilet with a damp cloth is great maintenance and will prevent mould and mildew building up.