As the year is nearing to close, this is a great time to finish up any mess around the house and get a couple of minutes to get a specific area tidied up a bit. Starting the new year with well-organised and clean house is such a big pleasure, believe us, and achieving that won’t take more than a few minutes every day till Christmas. In fact, December is a great month to start with organising your house, not only because of that goal of starting 2016 clutter- and mess-free, but also because around the holidays there is a big chance your house to get even messier and more cluttered than any other period of the year.

Today we are sharing with you a few simple and motivational ways to start sorting out your stuff and organising them better. You may already know about some of these and follow them on a daily basis, or maybe we are going to give you some new ideas and inspiration about things you wouldn’t think to organise and get through otherwise!

  • Organise your baking supplies, spices and herbs and also your cabinet with cans, beans, grains and food that doesn’t need to be in the refrigerator. Do the same with your cabinet with teas and coffee. Keep all the things you don’t use that often in the back and make sure that everything you use daily is easy to reach. If you want to be extra organised, you can organise your herbs in alphabetic order or use a colour coordinated system or any other system that makes things easier for you.
  • Clean and organise your refrigerator and freezer. Utilise your space effectively so you can use more storage.
  • You can quickly make an order of all your photographs no matter if they are on paper or digital, otherwise, they tend to pile up very quickly. You can also make all the paper photographs digital.
  • Sorting through stuff that is sentimental for you can be a bit difficult. However, stay real as keep all the things that are very important for you, throw anything else away, then you are going to feel better.
  • Food storage made easy? Create zones for food storage, this will make your life significantly easier!
  • The clutter under your sink? Add a simple and effective storage system in under your sink cabinet and get rid of the clutter.
  • Create a homework station, a place, or a cabinet, where all your tools and products are gathered together and easy to reach. This system may also inspire you to clean the house more often, or at least take care of your house won’t take too much time and energy.
  • Organise your mail daily and your documents and papers at least once a month.
  • Homework caddy for the kids is a great idea to help them also stay organised.
  • Organise your purse and your bag so you can be organised also outside the house.
  • If counter clutter is driving you crazy, find an organising system that works the best for you and try to stick to it.
  • Put away the holiday decorations as soon as possible after the holiday season.

Most of the above mentioned advices are very helpful when it comes to office cleaning and organising too. If you need a more in-depth professional services to help you start with being more organised, be sure to hire a one-off cleaning help.