Kitchen cleaning can turn out to be a real struggle. Hands down, kitchens are probably the most complex and hard to clean areas in the house. It is not only because of the fact that kitchen require specific and higher cleaning and hygiene standards and have to be sanitised to perfections, because here there is no place for bacteria, dust and dirt, but also because of the fact that kitchens are usually one of the most highly used areas in the home and keeping track on your maintenance routine and not neglecting a single corner and nook can be really exhausting and time-consuming. You may be tempted to pass a day or two of kitchen cleaning, but this then will turn out to make the situation even worse, because clutter and mess are accumulating as it is no one’s business!

Today we are here to give you a few recommendations and tips and tricks on how to speed clean the kitchen and ensure effective treatment for everything that needs to be treated. We offer you a quick and well-organised routine for when you have to clean the kitchen in a hurry and this maintenance plan works very effective on an everyday basis. What is the secret to getting your kitchen clean in the least amount of time? It is having daily cleaning tasks and well-organised routine that is your huge timesaver. Our tips in this article are not focused on deep cleaning your kitchen but make it look decent on an everyday basis.

Gather your tools

Keep your favourite and time-proven kitchen cleaning tools and products gathered in one place, so you are not wandering around the house searching for what you need at the moment. Organise everything you need on a daily basis and nothing unnecessary in a cabinet under the sink, or wherever it is comfortable for you to reach them out quickly.

Set the timer

Setting a timer is a great way to motivate you to clean faster. Don’t panic, you are not in some sort of competition and you are not going to miss the first place if you are a few minutes late. The whole idea of the timer is helping you focus on what you really have to do right at the moment. Test out how long does it take you to sanitise the kitchen area on a daily basis, start with standard 15 minutes and add more time, if you need it, or reduce it to 10 minutes, if you are able.


Well, there is not enough time for the real decluttering party, simply a quick declutter. Collect anything on the countertops and table that is not in its place, put everything unnecessary out of the kitchen right now, later you are going to put these in a place.

Unload/load dishwasher

It takes a few minutes to unload the dishwasher and put everything away, or to load it.

Clean the sink

Get your sink ready for the next day by giving it a little scrub.

Wipe surfaces

Wipe down surfaces with a cloth or sponge and your favourite cleaning product. Clean surfaces set the whole kitchen area in the tidier and better-looking atmosphere and appearance.

Quick vacuum

Your floors also need some attention. No matter if you have carpet, stone or wooden floor, a quick vacuum every day is simple enough for keeping them clean and pretty.

Put out clean towels

Clean and fresh kitchen towels are the perfect final touch, making your whole kitchen look like it has just been deeply and thoroughly cleaned.

A professional house cleaning team can do all the work for you instead, so be sure to ask for their help in emergency situations with limited time. If you have a kitchen area at work that needs a speed clean too, be sure to hire office cleaning service that includes paying attention to those areas too.