Marie Kondo is one of the most popular names you would hear for the last few months. Her book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” turns out to be a bestseller and her de-cluttering and organising method, commonly known as KonMari method and system for organisation, gained so much popularity and won the hearts of so many people around the world. In fact, the Japanese organisation assistant and inventor of the KonMari method, Marie Kondo, dedicated her life is researching and figuring out how clutter and mess affect our lives and how the hoarder “syndrome” can be cured. And many people that have tried the decluttering and organisations system say that now their life is changed.

What is the main idea behind KonMari? Well, according to Kondo the contemporary society is way too obsessed with the idea of possessing and owning things and it is harder and harder for us to leave things and items leave our lives because of different reasons. Some of us just love to collect, others are afraid to throw away something they might need, or some are attached emotionally to things. However, maintaining all these material things and caring for them took us too much time, time that we can spend in enjoying life, relaxing, achieving our dreams and ambitions. In fact, looking after all these things every one of us actually owns is also very overwhelming and stressful. In general, the messy house almost always reflects in messy mind, messy thoughts and messy ideas, which makes us tired, unproductive and bored. So the best way to get rid of this is by getting rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy to be owned.

Here are the main steps of the KonMari concept that we recommend you to try and see and feel a big difference and why to teach ourselves not to become attached to the lumber is important:

  • In order to be able to let things out of your life, it is important to learn and get used to the idea what has an important place in your life and what does not. Besides the usual everyday items all of us need for enjoying comfort, there are so many piles and collections of things around the house that no one needs at all. If you haven’t use something for a year, well, you obviously don’t need it in your life anymore, so just get rid of it.
  • The easiest and most effective way to test if you “need” a certain item is to hold it for a bit and ask yourself: “Does this item sparkle joy?”. If the answer is no, well you don’t need it in your life. Try and test this system with everything you own, start with all your clothes, empty out the wardrobe and hold every clothing item and accessory for a bit, asking yourself the question. Continue with your collection of books, movies, music, documents and papers and everything else. Be sure to go through each room and area of your house.
  • There is no reason to keep things that don’t make you happy, they are useless for you. An old favourite pair of jeans belongs to the past, a brand new dress that doesn’t fit you – why to keep it and feel bad about that?
  • Since all these things are useless for you, they may be needed by someone, so pass things away and gave them away or donate them. Don’t keep them in your garage or basement, you will soon forget about their existence.

Be sure to address your questions whenever you are in need of additional information. Most of the above mentioned advices can be adopted also in your office cleaning routine.