Hard floor cleaning service is always a very current topic. While some people believe following the expert’s recommendations for maintenance and care are just enough, others will tell you that hiring professional hard floor cleaning team from time to time is recommended and very good for the condition of the floor, no matter if it is made from a natural material like wood or stone, or maybe it is from a man-made material like laminate, vinyl, etc. Usually, the second group of people are those, who have already experienced a professional hard floor cleaning service in their lives and know how much potential and benefits it brings to every project. Our job, as a team of hard floor experts at London Cleaning is to make sure your floor is in the best condition possible and to remove any finer imperfections, which are removable during the cleaning process, so we can ensure also adding protection and preventing issues grow bigger and ruin the whole appearance and stability of the floor. So, if you are planning a hard floor cleaning project in South London, be sure to contact us, because we are experienced, knowledgeable and we pay attention to even the smallest detail so we can deliver highest quality and overall enjoyable service for you!

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In fact, hard floor cleaning is not that easy. We won’t tell you that following a weekly routine as recommended by the manufacturers and installers is wrong, however, it is not enough for the whole existence of your floor. In fact, when maintained properly, every floor, no matter if natural or not, can last hundreds of years and if you want to pass yours to the next generations, be sure to ask for professional and more thorough service from time to time.

What professional hard floor cleaning we offer in South London stands for is not simply vacuuming and mopping as you usually would do every weekend. What we do and what we can practice with confidence and expertise, because we are very experienced and qualified in the field, a true professionals with the best training and equipment available in South London and the country is a special treatment, which includes the most efficient approach depending on the type of floor you have and also the issues your floor suffers from. This pretty much means that besides the fact we will clean and sanitise to perfection every square meter of the floor and we will reach every corner, which is usually neglected due to being hard to access, or for some other reason, we will also provide a treatment to ensure all allergens and bacteria are removed and they are easily accumulated when it comes to flooring.

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In addition to that we also will add protection and that way also prevent smaller issues like scratches and discolouration grow bigger and cause major problems. You know, with flooring being so functional and experiencing a great dose of wear and tear, high traffic and everyday use, this is also a very important aspect of our job! Carpet cleaning and maintenance plays a vital role for increasing the life of soft floors, so it is highly recommended also. In addition and for a full flawless-looking appearance you can always request a house cleaning service with a schedule of your choice, or an intense and timely one-off cleaning.