To find a reliable, experienced and affordable in the same time house cleaning company in South London is not that easy, however, it is not impossible, because you can always count on London Cleaning. We are a leading name on the market with decades of experience on both domestic and commercial cleaning market, a lot of expertise accumulated and also having a reputation based on 100% positive customer feedback and a wide loyal clientele network. We pride ourselves on a great organisation, discipline, timely system of work, very effective methods, attention to every detail and always showing respect to the individual needs and requirements of our clients in South London. You can totally put trust in us because we love our job and that is why we do it with passion, respect and attention.

Why choosing London Cleaning as your house cleaning contractor in South London is the smartest choice? Here is why:

  • We have a lot of experience and knowledge accumulated over the decades we are on the local market. The combination of both gives us a solid expertise base, which is a key moment for every house cleaning project we undertake. In fact, cleaning is not a rocket science, however, it requires more skills and qualifications than you expect. We invest in training and we are constantly improving, also paying attention to everything innovational and advanced on the market and combining it with what is time-proven and successful as a technique. We are dedicated to bringing comfort, cosiness and professional look to every house.
  • Besides investing a lot in training, we also make sure to be equipped with the latest and advanced machinery and products. We love to work with products, which are not simply dedicated to only cleaning, or only adding protection, but are functional and very beneficial. We know very well the best methods and cleaning agents for every type of material that can be found in a house and have the proper approach to every kind of dirt, stains, spots and so. That way we ensure perfect sanitising and a long-lasting cleanness and tidiness.
  • As we have already mentioned, we are very respectful to our clients. We would like to know your expectations, requirements, needs, desires and also the spaces and areas you are most concerned about and you consider that they are a trouble and a challenge. With a tailored approach to your house cleaning project in South London, we will make sure not to leave a single square meter neglected! We approach every project with dedication, no matter if it comes to regular or one-off cleaning.
  • We offer value for money. In fact, for the high quality, we deliver you may think that our house cleaning service is too expensive, or that there are any hidden costs and unexpected expenses, but this is not the case. Our prices are very reasonable and they will probably surprise you how reduced they are. Be sure to contact us whenever you decide and request a free and no-obligation quotation and see it for yourself!

Don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7036 0626, or leave us a message on and request additional information. We answer as soon as possible!